Kramer HDMI Wall Plate Transmitter/Receiver Breaks the Distance Barrier

January 14-2010

Kramer HDMI Wall Plate Transmitter/Receiver Breaks the Distance Barrier
Kramer Electronics is pleased to announce the introduction of the WP-561 and WP-562 active wall plate twisted pair transmitter and receiver for HDMI signals.  The WP-561 and WP-562 can transmit HDMI signals directly over two CAT 5 cables (shielded twisted pair cables are recommended) up to 266 feet (80 meters) at 1080i resolution and up to 100ft (30 meters) at 1080p resolution. The WP-561 and WP-562 also offer bi-direction IR support over a second CAT 5 cable with 3.5mm jacks on both the transmitter and receiver.  The WP-561 and WP-562 offer an elegantly simple and inexpensive solution for HDMI signal transmission over long distances and are ideal for any application where permanent mounting of the devices in a wall is required.

The WP-561 converts an HDMI signal into a twisted pair signal that can be run over shielded or unshielded twisted pair CAT 5 cables.  The WP-562 unit then converts the signal back to HDMI.  The units offer up to 1.65Gbps bandwidth per graphic channel and are HDCP compliant and HDTV compatible.

The WP-561 and WP-562 are each standard 1 gang size wall plates and each incorporates a red LED power status light.   The WP-561 and WP-562 pass the EDID, HPD and CEC signals from the source to the display device using the CAT 5 cables.  Both wall plates also employ Kramer’s Power Connect™ System where a single connection to only one unit, the WP-561 transmitter or the WP-562 receiver, powers the system and the required 5V DC is transmitted through the CAT 5 cable to the other unit.

The WP-561 and WP-562 are currently in stock and available from Kramer Electronics sales companies around the world.