Kramer & Sierra Video Technology Shines at Main Event Complexes

October 18-2010

Kramer & Sierra Video Technology Shines at Main Event Complexes
Guests at the Main Event entertainment complexes throughout Texas are enjoying an unprecedented multi-media experience thanks to technology from Kramer Electronics and Sierra Video.

Dozens of flat screens around the buildings display stunning high definition images, bringing sports programming, in formation and computerized scoring to new levels using a Sierra Video switcher and Kramer Electronics component video and digital audio over twisted pair transmitter/receivers. Designed and installed by SAVE Electronics, a local professional electronics design and integration company, the heart of each site’s system is one of Sierra Video’s matrix switchers – the 3248V3S32, 3232V3S, 1616V3S or a selected Tahoe switcher (3240V, 3248V, 3248A, 1632A, 1632V) - and numerous Kramer TP-41 and TP-42 transmitter/receivers.

“We chose Kramer and Sierra Video products because of their reliability, dependability and 24/7 service,” said Tim Boyd, president of SAVE Electronics. “The products’ quality and engineering are among the best in the industry, and Main Event required high-technology solutions that would work in each of their locations.”

Main Event has nine venues throughout Texas, each covering up to 70,000 square feet of real estate. Five of the nine locations have been designed with Sierra Video matrix switchers and Kramer component video and digital audio over twisted pair transmitter/receivers, with three of the sites boasting high definition. Main Event and SAVE Electronics plan to retrofit and upgrade remaining sites using the Sierra Video and Kramer products.

According to SAVE Electronics’ Tim Boyd, Kramer and Sierra Video’s technical support and product warranties are imperative for installations of this magnitude. “If something goes wrong, we can get the product replaced on the spot,” he said. “When we design entertainment facilities, all of these factors come into play – Kramer and Sierra Video’s quality and reliability just make it easy for us.”