Kramer CORE™

Any Format. Any Wire. One Kramer CORE™

High definition signal routing, switching, and long distance distribution <br>of digital and analog AV signals over Twisted Pair (DGKAT™),<br> Copper (HDMI, DVI) or Fiber infrastructure.
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Kramer CORE™
  • Any Format. Any Wire. One Kramer CORE™
Kramer CORE™
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The Kramer CORE line of products offers a complete end-to-end solution for your AV network needs.

With high quality routing, processing, and long distance distribution of HDMI, DVI, Dual Link DVI and DisplayPort digital signals, as well as analog signals, the Kramer CORE line of products does it all.

With Kramer CORE products, you can mix multiple signal formats in a single system and distribute them using multiple cabling infrastructures: HDMI, DVI, Dual Link DVI, DisplayPort and VGA can be used over twisted pair (Kramer DGKat™ or HDBaseT technology), copper (HDMI and DVI) and fiber optic cables.

At the heart of the Kramer CORE solution stand extremely modular, revolutionary products: the Multi-Format Modular Router family with the VS-1616D, VS-3232D and VS-6464D modular frames.

Matching modular input and output modules for DVI, HDMI, DGKat, HDBaseT, fiber and Dual Link DVI accept and distribute the various digital signal types to other Kramer CORE connected products.

Kramer CORE products, such as DGKat and HDBaseT Transmitters and Receivers, Step-in Transmitters (for boardroom applications), Fiber Optic Receivers and Transceivers, Format Converters and Video Scalers, seamlessly and effortlessly connect to the router at the heart of the Kramer CORE system, allowing any signal format over any type of cabling.

Any Format. Any Wire. One Kramer CORE.

Kramer CORE Products Provide the Best Benefits

Expands Easily

The Multi-Format Modular Router family is the heart of the Kramer CORE solution. The VS-1616D is expandable in groups of 2 inputs and/or 2 outputs, up to 16x16. The VS-3232D expands in groups of 4 inputs and/or 4 outputs, up to 32x32 and our VS-6464D expands in groups of 8 inputs and/or 8 outputs, up to 64x64*.

* Dual-Link DVI modules have half the inputs/outputs of the other modules.

Transparent Analog Support

When using the new Kramer DGKat™ series of transmitters, analog computer graphics signals are converted to DGKat signals - Kramer’s renowned HDMI over CAT technology. This is an exceptional feature, allowing easy integration between analog and digital AV sources simultaneously.

Flexible Conversion

Copper, fiber or twisted pair cables - all can be used at the same time, according to input/output module selection. The matrix receives digital signals from compatible Kramer transmitters, automatically converts between available cable infrastructure options and sends the signals to compatible Kramer receivers. The Kramer CORE solution is the ultimate in versatility!

Dynamic Portprocessing™ Technology

Our Kramer CORE solution features a unique Dynamic PortProcessing™ capability, in which each port on the switcher adjusts its color space, color depth, and audio presence based on the display's highest capabilities.

Tailored Applications And Services

No matter how complex, what size, or the environment of your installation, the Kramer CORE solution has the functionality you are looking for.