Kramer Itzhak Bambagi CEO


 Kramer Itzhak Bambagi CEO

Jerusalem, Israel, January 31, 2020 – At Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam, February 11-14, 2020, Itzhak Bambagi, a highly regarded leader in the IT industry and Kramer’s recently appointed Chief Executive Officer, will share Kramer’s unique IT-friendly strategy with the Pro AV industry.

Itzhak Bambagi brings broad IT insight to Kramer, not just on the development side, but also cloud synergy and the wider culture of technology. For the past 18 years, he fulfilled several executive roles at IBM, and before that the cellular industry, and Digital/Compaq. At ISE 2020, Bambagi will share Kramer’s AV over IT vision and software-driven strategies with Kramer’s clients, AV/IT systems stakeholders, and the global media.

At Kramer’s stand (Hall 1, F-20), attendees will be invited to explore Kramer’s AV over IT concept reflected in the company’s product and solution innovations, such as cloud-based control, enterprise AV management, software driven AV functionality delivered on Open AV Platforms, room booking and scheduling service, AV over IP, wireless and wired collaboration and presentation and how it leverages software- and cloud-driven functionality, and much more.

Managing AV like IT – Easy, Secure & Managed.

“In the Pro AV market, Kramer’s solutions are already driving software-based and cloud-enabled environments” states Bambagi. “Adopting the same IT approaches in what concerns to scalable AV functionality is practical when they are powered by software and cloud”, he adds.

Having the ability to provide IT teams the tools to remotely monitor and service their AV technology is a basic prerequisite.  Providing the ability to track device health, applying firmware upgrades, use alerts and system notification before the end-user engages with AV enables IT departments to provide better service. System configuration must be done simply and remotely. Applying functionality instances across multiple installations saves time and enables using the same AV functionality standards across an organization. Software-driven flexibility is an equally important enabler of IT-friendly AV approaches. Kramer Open AV Platforms embodies this core concept, offering multiple software-driven functionality on a single device. IT teams wishing to scale, upgrade, or adjust their AV installations without replacing major pieces of hardware can use software-driven functionality just by applying pieces of software, saving time and substantial cost.

Balancing Openness & Security  

As AV becomes more software-, cloud-, and IP-driven, it is naturally more susceptible to hacking and this requires a cyber-security standardization. Since IT departments’ main objective is business continuity, cyber-security has become the number one concern and requirement when it comes to IT-owned technology.  AV technology is no different than IT in that sense and industry cyber-security standards should be aligned to match IT requirements and offer a similar level of security. That’s why Kramer have taken a strategic decision to enhance security features and apply cyber-security industry standards across its AV technology, products, and solutions.

Focus on Education with Kramer Academy

“It is not enough to bring the right technology to our customers” states Bambagi. “Enablement means that we first and foremost are committed to making sure that our customers have the right knowledge to design, install, and configure their installations. Knowledge enhancements is just as important, and it is a major enabler for our customers and for Kramer”

At ISE 2020, Kramer Academy – the company’s global training program – will showcase more multi-language online and frontal training certifications. Covering foundational and emerging topics in AV/IT – technical know-how, security, industry standards, business models, and operational efficiencies – Kramer Academy helps bridge AV and IT disciplines.

Visit Kramer at ISE 2020 in the Amsterdam RAI, Hall 1, Stand F20.



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