Kramer Introduces a New Wall Plate Switcher/Transmitter

Kramer Electronics is pleased to introduce the WP−577VH, a 2−gang Decora wall plate CATx switcher/transmitter for HDMI, VGA and stereo audio with support for RS−232 data and control.

The WP−577VH has auto switching capability. It will automatically switch to either the last connected input, or a selected priority input, and transmits the signals to a compatible DGKat twisted pair receiver (such as the TP−578H). These automatic switching features make the WP−577VH an ideal solution for a Bring−Your−Own−Device environment such as boardrooms, hotel rooms and hospitality venues. The use of Kramer DGKat technology allows for easy installation of the WP−577VH and signals can travel up to 70m (230ft) at 1080p60 over CATx cabling. The WP−577VH also has automatic analog audio detection and embedding. Stereo audio can be embedded into the signal (either HDMI or VGA) or transmitted by itself without video.

The WP−577VH can be powered via a single connection to either the transmitter or receiver through Kramer’s Power Connect Plus™ system. K−Link™ compatibilitygives the unit the flexibility to either control remote devices, or be controlled by Kramer Protocol 3000, and to send data to external RS−232 devices.

The WP−577VH provides signal reclocking and equalization, is HDTV compatible and HDCP compliant, and offers a maximum date rate of 4.95Gbps (1.65Gbps per graphic channel). The unit also passes EDID from the display to the source.

The WP−577VH is in stock and available from Kramer offices around the world. 


Can I remotely switch the inputs on the device?
The K−Link functionality allows switching between data and control modes on the DGKat RS−232 lines, so that you can control the device itself (switching, mode indication, etc.) using Protocol 3000, or control an external device connected to the RS−232 port of the WP−577VH. You can also change between the two modes on the fly using a special Protocol 3000 command.

Can the device be remotely powered?
Yes. The device uses the PowerConnect Plus mechanism that allows it to be powered by a compatible remote device such as the TP−578H or the VS−62D. Note however that the WP 577VH requires more power than can be supplied by the older generation DGKat product such as the TP−572+. The WP−577VH can also supply power to a remote device, both PowerConnect and PowerConnect Plus through auto negotiation.

Can the device send an audio signal when there is not video connected?
Yes. The WP−577H supports an audio only mode. The audio is sent over a blank video to the remote receiver where it can either be de−embedded (as in the case of TP−578H) or heard on an HDMI display.