Long Distance FireWire (video)

Jerusalem, Israel – January 18, 2005 - Kramer Electronics, Ltd., a worldwide supplier of audio, video and computer graphics signal distribution, switching and processing equipment for the broadcast, production, security, education, home theater and ProAV presentation markets, is pleased to announce that the newest addition to its extremely popular line of Kramer TOOLS, the TP-300FW FireWire (video) range extender, is in stock and ready for delivery. The TP-300FW is a unique new product concept that can overcome the distance limitations of FireWire (video) signals. IEEE 1394 FireWire (video) signals inherently have a 14.75 foot (4.5m) distance limitation. Kramer has pioneered a solution to this distance limitation for 100Mbs Video (DV) FireWire (video) signals with the TP-300FW. One TP-300FW will convert a FireWire (video) signal so it can be sent over inexpensive and unshielded CAT 5 cable up to 300 feet (100m) to a second TP-300FW that will convert the FireWire (video) signal back to its native format. The TP-300FW needs to be used in pairs for a basic end to end solution. Repeaters can be used with FireWire (video) signals to extend them up to 236 feet. This solution requires the use of several repeaters which means it can be costly and still limited to a maximum distance of 236 feet. The TP-300FW is a more effective and more economical solution for this application. Additional TP-300FWs can be added to an initial pair of TP-300FWs to extend the overall signal range to 600 feet (200m). In fact, multiple TP-300FWs can be added to any system, each time adding up to 300 feet (100m) of operating range. “The TP-300FW is a truly revolutionary advancement for users of IEEE 1394 FireWire (video) signals in their system”, states Chris Kopin, Vice President of Product Development for Kramer Electronics USA. “Existing solutions for sending FireWire (video) signals further than the standard 14.75 feet limitation either require the use of many pieces of hardware, are very costly or both. The TP-300FW provides a valuable solution for FireWire (video) applications that may even open up some new opportunities in several vertical markets.” These units support Plug and Play standards, hot swapping and both isochronous and asynchronous applications. The TP-300FW is ideal for use in digital video production facilities, digital video editing suites and live digital video broadcasting applications where FireWire (video) is the signal of choice. This model is now in stock and available from Kramer Electronics sales companies around the world.