Kramer Electronics Connects with All-New Cable Line-Up

Jerusalem, Israel March 8, 2005 – Kramer Electronics, Ltd., a worldwide supplier of audio, video and computer graphics signal distribution, switching and processing equipment, is pleased to announce that it is expanding its cable business. The new and expanded cable line-up complements the Kramer hardware and it is designed to provide customers with that same combination of value and high quality for which Kramer is known. “Anyone who buys a Kramer product will need cables, and Kramer is committed to providing the best possible one stop shopping solution for our customers,” said Paul Bogan, product manager for Cabling and Adapter Products Kramer US. “By expanding the line-up and actively focusing on this segment of our business, we will be making system solutions easier for all of our existing customers, and gaining customers who want the great combination of quality and value that Kramer can offer.” The new line features three categories: Bulk Cables, Cable Assemblies, and Connectors and Termination Accessories. In planning this new line of cables and accessories, Kramer has focused on quality and a selection of cable products that meet the demands of today’s audio video professionals at exceptionally competitive prices. In the Bulk Cable category, Kramer has increased its product from two varieties to eight, including single-coax, dual-coax, and five-coax to support composite, s-Video, component and RGBHV applications. Kramer will also offer 10 and 14 conductor cables suitable for computer graphics video or more specialized system requirements. Supporting the bulk cables, Kramer has a complete line of connectors and termination accessories. For BNC and RCA connections, the Kramer compression termination system uses technology that has been hailed throughout the industry. It allows a connector to be fitted onto coax cable in less than a minute, maintaining 360-degree electrical continuity and withstanding an 80-pound pull test. Kramer also offers solder and crimp style 15-pin HD connectors for terminating 10 and 14 conductor cables. In pre-terminated assemblies, the company has added two new categories: DVI and FireWire. Kramer’s DVI-D cables are dual-link cables designed to carry digital-only signals. Kramer’s IEEE 1394 high-speed FireWire contains two 22 AWG tinned copper power conductors and two 28 AWG tinned copper twisted pair for data signaling. Each signal pair is double shielded and the entire cable is shielded with aluminum foil and tinned copper braid. The assembly category includes a variety of 1BNC, 5BNC, s-Video and 15-pin HD cables and adaptors. This line is highlighted by the new single-ended installation cables, featuring a male 15-pin HD connector on one end and tinned wire on the other end. They are designed to be easily pulled through a wall or conduit and then terminated with 5 BNCs or a 15-pin HD connector. Also new is an adapter cable with three RCA connectors on one end and a 15-pin HD connector on the other to allow component video (HDTV) to be routed through any Kramer computer graphics video device equipped with a 15-pin HD connector. “All of our new cables and accessories are of the highest possible performance level and quality,” said Robertson. “Cables are often viewed as an add-on in an audio video system, but they can often be one of most important elements. Cables carry the signals in all systems and poor quality cables can ruin an installation, regardless of how big or how expensive the installation is.” Kramer has compiled all of the information and specifications for its new line of cables and accessories in a 12-page catalog dedicated to the business. The catalog is available upon request.