Component Video and Digital Audio Can Travel Long Distances Together

Jerusalem, Israel – May 3, 2005 – Kramer Electronics, Ltd., a worldwide supplier of audio, video and computer graphics signal distribution, switching and processing equipment for the broadcast, production, security, education, home theater and ProAV presentation markets, is pleased to announce the newest additions to its product line – the TP-41 component video and S/PDIF digital audio transmitter and TP-42 component video and S/PDIF digital audio receiver. The TP-41 transmitter and TP-42 receiver are extremely compact and economical solutions for simplifying the routing of component video and digital audio signals over inexpensive and convenient CAT 5 cable. The Kramer TP-41 and TP-42 constitute a component video and S/PDIF digital audio line transmitter/receiver system. The TP-41 transmitter/encoder includes an analog component video input and a digital audio input (S/PDIF), all on RCA connectors. The range of the CAT 5 output to the TP-42 receiver/decoder easily exceeds 300 ft. (100 meters). “The TP-41/42 combination is ideal for long range signal transmission with the high quality home cinema products that can be found in the market today, such as progressive scan DVD player/recorders,” states Chris Kopin, vice president of Product Development for Kramer Electronics USA. “Whether you are using this transmitter/receiver combination in a home cinema application or in a professional application where component video and/or digital audio signals are being utilized; these units allow you to replace four bulky and relatively expensive coaxial cables with one inexpensive and easy to install CAT 5 cable. As a direct result your installations can be both cost reduced and simplified.” The TP-41 has individual level controls for the Y, U, and V (also known as Y, Pb and Pr or Y, B-Y and R-Y) signals, as well as audio level controls. The TP-42 receives the CAT 5 signal, decodes it and outputs it to the YUV and S/PDIF RCA outputs. The TP-42 has individual level and EQ controls for the Y, U, and V signals, as well as level and EQ controls for audio. Each unit is housed in a compact Kramer TOOLS enclosure, and is 12VDC fed. The Kramer TP-41 and TP-42 are now in stock and available from Kramer Electronics sales companies around the world.