Kramer DVI Distribution Amplifier Communicates

Jerusalem, Israel – August 2, 2005 – Kramer Electronics, Ltd., a worldwide supplier of audio, video and computer graphics signal distribution, switching and processing equipment for the broadcast, production, security, education, home theater and ProAV presentation markets, is pleased to announce the introduction of the VM-4DVI 1:4 distribution amplifier for DVI signals. The VM-4DVI is unique in that the user can select which attached display is the most significant and set the VM-4DVI to read, store and recall the Extended Display Identification Data (EDID). The Kramer VM-4DVI 1:4 distribution amplifier will accept one DVI input and will reclock the signal and distribute it to 4 identical outputs. It will also process the EDID information sent over the Data Display Channel (DDC). EDID is the information that DVI displays send to the PC as a handshake to identify its parameters, the most important of which is the resolution. An EDID handshake upon power up is required in any DVI system or the PC will not send out a signal. To solve the potential problem of a possible out-of-sequence power up of the system resulting in no signal, the VM-4DVI comes with a default EDID block. The VM-4DVI can send out that block of EDID information to the PC and allow a signal to be sent out even if the displays have yet to be powered up or connected. This block can be rewritten by the user once a system is set up, to store and recall the data for the most significant display. The VM-4DVI has buttons on the front panel that are coupled with LED’s which allow the user to select the most significant display in their system and to read and store that display’s EDID information. That will ensure both smooth operation under all operational circumstances and the best possible picture quality for the most significant display. “In a perfect world all the displays in a DVI distribution system should have at least the same native resolution,” states Chris Kopin, vice president of Product Development for Kramer Electronics USA. “ In everyday practical use seldom does this happen, and as a result these systems need a traffic cop. Once the user stores the information for their most important display in the VM-4DVI, it will act in that capacity and the PC will always output the appropriate signal for that display.” The VM-4DVI 1:4 DVI distribution amplifier comes in a standard 1 RU rack mount enclosure and has a 120/220V worldwide power supply.