Elegant Simplicity for Table Top Connections from Kramer

Jerusalem, Israel – July 26, 2006 –Kramer Electronics, a worldwide supplier of innovative and reliable signal management products, is pleased to announce the introduction of the Power Tower Plus connection manager, model number TC-PTP01B, for use in table mount applications.
In many applications, such as conference rooms and boardrooms, a conference table is often a central element of the AV presentation system. The challenge facing system designers is how to provide simple and unobtrusive input solutions in the table top for the meeting attendees to connect their computers to the AV presentation system, namely the projector or large screen display. Multiple connecting cables must be managed neatly and attractively both above and below the table for computer graphics video and audio signals, network connection, USB connection and power. The Power Tower Plus connection manager is the ideal solution for these architectural table top installations. It is the first product to be introduced in a new Kramer family of installation solution products.
The Power Tower Plus connection manager has been designed to provide maximum connectivity in the smallest possible footprint. It has also been designed to be easy-to-use and cost-effective. This unit provides a 15-pin HD computer graphics video connector, a 3.5mm stereo audio jack, an RJ-45 connector, a USB connector and a power connector in a very compact cylindrical shaped pull-up system.
Installation is very simple and requires only a 4” hole saw and a table no more than 2 ¼” thick (57mm). Once your hole is cut, drop in the Power Tower Plus and thread on a collar from below the table. The unit has a 10ft (3 meter) cable on the underside corresponding to each of the input connectors that can be wired into the system.
The Power Tower Plus connection manager is constructed of black anodized aluminum and rugged ABS plastic and does not employ any mechanical mechanisms. Once installed, simply press the rocking cover, pull up the assembly to expose the connection panel, connect your equipment and push the assembly back down so that it is out of the way. The rocking cover will tilt to provide an exit path for the connected cables. The unit is 13.5” (342mm) in height and is 10.4” (266mm) above the table top when fully extended.
The Power Tower Plus connection manager is currently in stock and available through Kramer Electronics sales offices worldwide.