New VP-414 and VP-416 Scalers Add HDTV Capability

Jerusalem, Israel September 5, 2006 Kramer Electronics, a worldwide supplier of innovative and reliable signal management products, is pleased to announce the introduction of the VP-414 and VP-416 video scalers. The VP-414 and VP-416 are very high quality scalers that are part of the Kramer TOOLS line of extremely compact products. The VP-414 and VP-416 are scalers designed to accept a composite or s-Video (YC) signal and scale it up to a computer graphics video output resolution or an HDTV output resolution. These scalers can scale video up to VGA (640x480), SVGA (800x600), XGA (1024x768) or WXGA (1366 x 768) resolution in RGBHV output format or they can output 480p, 576p, 720p or 1080i in component output format. The VP-414 has a 15-pin HD output connector and the VP-416 has a DVI-I output connector. Both models have an input selection switch to toggle between the composite video and s-Video (YC) inputs and a resolution button to toggle between the output resolutions. Both the VP-414 and the VP-416 have 3-D De-interlacing circuitry and 3-D comb filters resulting in extremely high image quality from such compact and cost effective units. The VP-414 and VP-416 compliment the VP-413 and VP-415 we introduced earlier this year, states Chris Kopin vice president of Product Development for Kramer Electronics. These new models add the HDTV output resolutions in addition to the computer graphics video output resolutions while maintaining the same superb image quality and extremely compact form factor. Their performance is excellent. The VP-414 and the VP-416 are housed in compact Kramer TOOLS enclosures and they are 5 VDC feed.