Kramer Electronics Eliminates the Noise

Jerusalem, Israel– October 24, 2006 –Kramer Electronics, a worldwide supplier of innovative and reliable signal management products, is pleased to announce the introduction of four new isolation transformer models, the TR-1, TR-1A, TR-2A and TR-3, designed to eliminate noise in video and audio signals caused by ground loop problems. In many video and audio applications, the connection between sources and displays can introduce a 50Hz or 60Hz ground loop resulting in unwanted noise in the form of video hum bars or audio hum or buzz. The new Kramer isolation transformers, the TR-1 for composite video signals, the TR-1A for balanced mono audio signals, the TR-2A for balanced stereo audio signals and the TR-3 for composite video and balanced stereo audio signals, break the ground connections in video and audio transmission lines to eliminate any hum caused by ground loops. These isolation transformers remove both DC potentials and common mode noise which could be the result of long cable runs. Each of these models offers various grounding options. The TR-1 and TR-3 have ground connection for the video signal so that the unit can be attached to an external ground and the TR-1A and TR-2A have dip switches so that the left and right audio in and out signals can be grounded if desired. The TR-1, TR-1A, TR-2A and TR-3 are all housed in compact Kramer TOOLS™ enclosures and are passive in operation making them ideal for field use.