Sierra Video, a leading provider of high-quality video and audio equipment for the broadcast, government, and professional audio/video marketplaces, today introduced its SierraView Multi-Viewer. SierraView
provides a flexible and cost-effective way of combining and displaying multiple images (or “tiles”) on a single or dual video display device and is aimed specifically for use in control room and studio environments.

As part of its “25 Years of Peak Performance” anniversary celebration, Sierra Video has committed itself to the inclusion of complementary technologies with its routing switcher offerings. SierraView is the latest such technology to be added, allowing for monitoring of multiple video and audio signals, as well as supporting data, in a single display monitor.

SierraView may be used to increase the number of images that can be shown on one display device or can function as the hub of a sophisticated studio monitoring and control center using several display devices. SierraView is extremely versatile, allowing tile content, size, labels, background and positioning to be changed to suit any application. Clocks, timers, time-code readers, UMDs, tallys and event indicators may easily be displayed when required.

SierraView offers two frame types: one uses the whole frame for one multi-viewer with up to 64 video
inputs, the second has a split frame providing two separate multi-viewers, each with 32 video inputs. Each 3RU frame is outfitted with two DVI-I outputs. SierraView allows for two types of video input card: HD or non-HD capable. These may be mixed if required and HD cards added at a later date, providing an easy upgrade path. There is a wide choice of input connector modules fitted at the rear depending on the
video and audio formats used.

SierraView can handle virtually any video format up to HD 1080p, 3Gbps. Optional input cards for fiber
connection are available for 270Mps, 1.5Gbps and 3Gbps HD-SDI/SDI. Sierra Video’s Ponderosa™ HD-SDI/SDI routing switcher is especially well-suited to SierraView: a 64 input 3Gbps routing switcher with fiber optic I/O module option. SierraView provides extensive audio metering and monitoring support as a standard feature. Up to 16 channels of audio bargraphs may be displayed per tile, superimposed on the video or placed on the outside. The audio may be embedded or external analog, AES/EBU or Dolby® depending on the optional cards selected. Most international standard scales and ballistics (including Loudness) are supported and may be set by the user.

SierraView’s browser interface is easy to use and enables all parameters to be adjusted quickly. It also allows pre-set configurations to be recalled or played out as scheduled events. SierraView offers an optional remote panel (REMOTE-sv) outfitted with ten buttons to enable instant recall of pre-set configurations.

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