Kramer Introduces New 8x8 Universal Matrix Switcher

 Kramer Introduces New 8x8 Universal Matrix Switcher
Kramer Electronics, a world leader in innovative and high-reliability signal management products, announced the introduction of the VS-88HCB 8x8 Component/Video/Audio Matrix Switcher for presentation, production and residential applications.  

The VS-88HCB is a universal matrix switcher that switches composite video, s-Video, component video (Y, Cb/Pb and Cr/Pr), balanced stereo audio and S/PDIF digital audio signals.  It can route any or all of its eight inputs to any or all of its eight outputs simultaneously, and can work with a mix of all video formats supported.  In a mixed signal application, all the signals connected to an input are switched simultaneously to an output of the same signal configuration. The new switcher features a high bandwidth of 300MHz (-3dB) fully loaded, and it is HDTV compatible.

A variety of functions make the VS-88HCB convenient and easy to use in various presentation and production environments.  A “Take” button executes multiple switches all at once and confirms the actions.  The “Memory” function stores multiple switches as presets, for recall and execution as needed.  The switcher also offers analog audio breakaway switching for independent switching of audio and video.

The unit can be controlled via the front panel, RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, IR remote or an external remote IR receiver.  The VS-88HCB includes K-Router™ Windows®-based software as well as a Windows-based Ethernet Configuration Manager and Virtual Serial Port Manager.  The switcher’s Ethernet connection supports easy dial-up and Internet system remote control, requiring only a dedicated IP address and a modem in the remote location, whether it is a stand-alone PC or a LAN system.       

The VS-88HCB 8x8 Component/Video/Audio Matrix Switcher is available through authorized Kramer Electronics resellers worldwide.