Kramer Introduces Powerful Presentation Switcher for Multiple Video and Audio Sources

 Kramer Introduces Powerful Presentation Switcher for  Multiple Video and Audio Sources
Kramer Electronics is pleased to announce the availability of the VP-27 presentation switcher designed for a wide variety of presentation and multimedia applications. The VP-27 offers three independent routing switchers as well as a master audio switcher, and is capable of passing computer graphics video, s-Video, and composite video, all with audio signals at high bandwidth.  The multi-function VP-27 is a compact one box high-performance solution for installations that would otherwise require several separate products, and is designed so that each section is controlled independently from the other sections.

The high-performance multi-format VP-27 switcher combines the functions of a 4x1 switcher for computer graphics (PC/VGA) type signals with audio, a 4x1 switcher for s-Video and audio, and a 4x1 switcher for composite video and audio; all in a compact one rack unit frame for a standard 19” professional rack enclosure. The VP-27 provides a computer graphics video bandwidth of 415MHz to ensure the highest quality performance even in the most crucial applications, and is HDTV compatible.  It features an s-Video bandwidth of 725MHz, and a composite bandwidth of 683MHz. The VP-27 combines the many features of differing switchers into one multi-functional unit, while providing the highest quality performance without the need for separate boxes.

The VP-27 also includes a master audio switcher that routes one of the pre-selected audio inputs from the other switching sections to a separate output; providing audio level (gain) controls for the master output.  It also offers input level control for a microphone and features a microphone mix, mute, as well as a talk-over mode that reduces the line audio output level when the connected microphone detects sound.

Front panel controls on the VP-27 include four selector buttons for each of the three internal selector switchers, microphone input level control, and a master audio output level control.  A Panel Lock button on the front panel ensures security, and prevents tampering. The VP-27 is controlled via the front panel buttons or remotely using an IR remote control with the included Kramer IR transmitter; or by using RS-232 serial commands transmitted by a touch-screen system, PC, or other serial controller.

The VP-27 sells in the United States at a list price of $795.00 and is currently in stock and available from Kramer Electronics sales companies around the world.