Kramer Electronics is pleased to introduce the high−performance VP−441 and VP−443 digital scalers/switchers with 2K input and output resolution support.

The VP−441 is a high−quality presentation scaler/switcher with seven inputs: two component video on RCA connectors, one computer graphics video on a 15−pin HD connector, one composite video on an RCA connector, one s Video on a 4−pin connector and two HDMI signals.

The VP−443 is a high−performance presentation scaler/switcher with ten inputs: four HDMI, two computer graphics video on 15−pin HD connectors, two composite video on RCA connectors and two component video on RCA connectors. The four HDMI inputs in the VP−443 is an important feature of this scaler/switcher, which makes it even more attractive for professionals in today’s AV market place.

Both the VP−441 and the VP−443 scale the video signal, embed an audio signal, and output the signal simultaneously to an HDMI output, a computer graphics video output on a 15−pin HD connector, and to an analog RGBHV video output on 5 BNC connectors. It also provides both a digital audio output and an analog stereo audio output.

The VP−441 and the VP−443 scaler/switchers support 20 different resolutions up to WUXGA & 2048x1080. They feature Kramer’s K−Storm™ high−performance scaling technology. They are HDTV compatible, the video signal resolution can be both up−or−down−scaled, and they are HDCP (High Definition Content Protection) compliant.

The VP−441 and the VP−443 have analog audio inputs, analog and digital (S/PDIF) stereo audio outputs, as well as 5.1 analog audio bypasses. They automatically detect and select the audio source for the HDMI input, with HDMI set as the default selection.

The VP−441 and the VP−443 are directly controlled via the front panel push buttons or remotely from the infrared remote control transmitter. Other control options include RS−232 serial commands transmitted by a touch screen system, PC, or other serial controller, or via Ethernet.

The VP−441 and the VP−443 feature an On−Screen Display (OSD) for easy setup and adjustment. Both units have non−volatile memory that retains the last settings used. Both support firmware upgrade via RS−232. Each unit is housed in a 19” 1U rack−mountable enclosure, with rack “ears” included. A 100−240V AC universal switching power supply supplies power to the devices.

Kramer’s VP−441 and VP−443 2K compatible scaler/switchers ensure compatibility with the largest screens at the highest resolutions. These products, which incorporate HDMI technology, are ideal for projection systems in conference rooms, boardrooms, hotels, churches and home theaters.

The VP−441 and VP−443 2K scaler/switchers are available from Kramer Electronics sales companies around the world as of April 2012. Complete product information can be found at