Kramer Introduces the VP−471 and VP−473 ProScale™ Digital Scalers

 Kramer Introduces the VP−471 and VP−473 ProScale™ Digital Scalers
Kramer Electronics is pleased to announce the addition of the VP−471 3G HD−SDI to DVI ProScale digital scaler and VP−473 3G HD−SDI to computer graphics ProScale digital scaler to the existing VP−472 3G HD−SDI to HDMI ProScale digital scaler. With this addition, Kramer now offers a family of scalers that meets any serial digital scaling need through 3G HD−SDI.

The VP−471, VP−472 and VP−473 are indispensable assets in any video broadcasting environment since they provide a bridge between the broadcast and the Pro−AV worlds.
These three digital scalers for SDI, HD−SDI and 3G HD−SDI signals up− or down−scale the incoming video signal and output to different formats, as described below.

The VP−471, VP−472 and VP−473 scale the incoming serial digital signal to one of several selectable computer graphics video, standard definition or high−definition video resolutions and output them via a DVI connector (VP−471), via an HDMI connector (VP−472) or a 15−pin HD connector (VP−473). In addition, the VP−471 de−embeds the audio as either a S/PDIF signal or as an unbalanced stereo audio signal on RCA connectors. The VP−471 and the VP−473 also de−embed the audio to unbalanced stereo audio on RCA connectors.

The VP−471, VP−472 and VP−473 have one SDI input and one SDI looping output on BNC connectors to accept an SD, HD or 3G HD−SDI signal. They automatically detect the incoming signal format. Supported formats include SMPTE standards 259M, 292M, and 424M. The maximum data rate for these products is 3Gbps. The units are HDTV compatible and they include a reclocked and equalized looping Input. All three units feature a non−volatile memory that retains the last settings used.

The VP−471, VP−472 and VP−473 come in a compact MegaTOOLS™ size. Two units can be rack mounted side−by−side in a 1U rack space. The units are operated directly via the front panel buttons with OSD (On−screen Display) that allows for easy setup and adjustment. A freeze button is also available. The built−in ProcAmp conveniently adjusts the signal in terms of color hue, sharpness, contrast and brightness. Each scaler also features an external 5V DC power source, making it suitable for field operation.

The VP−471, VP−472 and VP−473 are currently in stock and available from Kramer Electronics sales companies around the world. Complete product information can be found at