Kramer’s HDBaseT Range Extender Line Now Compatible with Panasonic’s Digital Link Projector Line

Kramer Electronics is pleased to announce that its new line of HDBaseT range extenders is now compatible with the Panasonic Digital Link line of projectors.

In the coming ISE 2013 show, Kramer Electronics will be showcasing a new line of HDBaseT range extenders. These new range extenders with HDBaseT capability, send the HDMI signal, along with the Ethernet 100BaseT, RS−232 and IR input signals as an integrated HDBaseT signal over a distance of 100 meters. 

Panasonic has recently introduced a new range of projectors supporting HDBaseT technology, which connects all entertainment devices through a single LAN cable. “The aim of developing the Digital Link line”, says Hartmut Kulessa, Marketing Manager for PSCEU (Panasonic Systems Communications Company Europe), “is to provide projection solutions where a distance connection is required”.

The new line of projectors supports delivery of uncompressed HD, audio and control commands up to 100m via a single CAT5e/6 LAN cable and is compatible with Kramer’s HDBaseT products.

“The introduction of our new family of HDBaseT range extenders ensures interoperability between various devices using HDBaseT technology, says Ezra Ozer, Kramer Electonics’ VP of Marketing. “It also reflects the Kramer philosophy, which is to ease the work for installers. “We believe that taking part in the HDBaseT certification program is the right move in the right direction, to reach our quest for seamless AV integration” adds Mr. Ozer.

“The adoption of HDBaseT by industry leaders such as Panasonic and Kramer Electronics reassures the importance of this technology in the AV industry" says Eliran Toren, VP Sales at Valens Semiconductor. 

The family of TP−58x transmitters sends the HDMI input signal, along with the Ethernet 100BaseT, RS−232 and IR input signals as an integrated HDBaseT signal to a distance of 130m (430ft) using Kramer’s BC−DGKat623 cables. The TP−58x receiver family converts the twisted pair signal back to Ethernet 100BaseT, RS−232, IR and HDMI outputs, and de−embeds the audio (in certain models) to S/PDIF and TOSLINK® audio outputs. For demanding applications, Kramer is offering the special TP−58xXR Extra Range models, that reach up to 180 meters.