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Collaborative Classroom

The Kramer Collaborative Classroom (KCC) helps teachers easily create engaging, collaborative wireless BYOD learning environments powered by cutting-edge AV technology. KCC is designed for classrooms organized around multiple small groups. The solution includes a user-friendly touch panel that lets teachers easily control room elements such as lights, shades, screens, sound, HVAC, and AV systems.

BYOD & Go Wireless

BYOD & Go Wireless

With any laptop or mobile device, students can wirelessly present and share content.

Advanced Collaboration

Easy Real-Time Collaboration

Edit documents together, turn a display into a whiteboard, share files, stream HD video, and collaborate remotely with 3rd-party apps.

Easy Control

User-Friendly Environment Control

With any mobile device, teachers can easily control lights, shades, screens, sound, HVAC, and any AV system.

Room Style

Wireless BYOD collaboration

Multiple small groups

Wide range of AV sources

Premium Educational Experience

Easy wireless connectivity

Advanced wireless collaboration for multiple small groups

Powerful presentation system with cutting-edge image quality

Easy touch panel control of any device in the room over Ethernet

High-end audio with audio control

Support for Smart Boards (interactive whiteboard) on the main display

Suggested Products



8x8 UHD HDMI/HDBaseT matrix switcher

TP-580T / TP-580R

TP-580T / TP-580R Range Extenders

4K60 4:2:0 HDMI, bidirectional RS-232, IR over twisted pair HDBaseT transmitter/receiver



7” wall- and table-mount PoE touch panel

Kramer Control

Kramer Control

Revolutionary cloud-based room control platform

VIA Collage

VIA Collage

Wireless presentation & collaboration

Tavor 5-O

Tavor 5-O

On-wall 2-way powered speakers