AV Beyond The Box

We believe the answer isn't a bigger box, but a better solution. Innovation and ingenuity have allowed us to build smarter, more elegant end-to-end solutions based on dedicated hardware, software and cloud technologies.

Kramer's building block

The latest building block in Kramer’s solution

By utilizing the latest cloud technologies, we’ve changed the sleepy control market beyond recognition, offering a first-ever, cloud-based control system.
This innovation not only cuts down on hardware and wipes out the need for custom programming, but it also organically gathers all organizational data to deliver web-based analytics on demand.

Our story

Since 1981, Kramer Electronics has been a leading player and pioneer in the Pro AV industry. With 26 global offices across six continents, and distribution in more than 100 countries, Kramer offers an extensive and innovative Pro AV solutions portfolio for corporations, government and educational facilities, houses of worship, live events, healthcare providers and more. Kramer has won numerous awards, including the 2013 Pioneer of AV Award at InfoComm in honor of its Founder, President and Chairman, Dr. Joseph Kramer. His award-winning analog and IP-driven solutions for collaboration, streaming and control are at the forefront of an ever-evolving Pro AV industry.

Kramer building

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