Kramer at The Movies

July 26-2006

Kramer at The Movies
When the international Cinemark movie theater chain decided to install a new facility in Iguatemi, the most high end shopping mall in San Paulo Brazil, the president of Cinemark Brazil contacted the Digital Signage company “Proximidia” to get a state of the art Audio Visual system, according to guidelines established by the Cinemark architect. The system comprises 15 screens: 11 plasmas and 4 LCDs, all 42’’, bringing a lot of useful information to the movie goers visiting this top end Cinemark facility. The information includes: product pricing, trailers, advertisements, etc. Cinemark wanted a visually unique signage solution, which is a 3 PC based content delivery system, utilizing the following Kramer Electronics machines: XGA matrix model VP-4x4 for routing the 3 inputs to the 4 groups of screens, XGA Distribution Amplifiers model VP-400N to split each XGA image to the screens in the each group and one pair of XGA over CAT-6 transmitter model PT-100 and receiver model PT-120 (15 pairs, same number as the screens).
“What we needed was a dynamic visual solution to provide a high resolution result” says Noah J. Glazov, co-owner of “Proximidia” and the designer of this AV system. “Because the project required visually stunning content the only option was an RGBHV infrastructure. After searching available products in the marketplace we decided to go with Kramer Electronics based on product quality, excellent customer service and price. Kramer personal worked with us to provide a complete and innovative solution. The dedication of the Brazilian staff made the difference between creating One-Of-A-Kind project and something commonplace”.
This is one of many projects installed in Brazil that include Kramer Electronics products.
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