March 02-2011

When Charlotte, NC, began increasing safety with a network of cameras throughout the city, the router that linked network video was a Sierra Video Systems Sequoia router.  As the system grew, adding more cameras and locations, the router was seamlessly upgraded for the second time through the Sierra Video Systems Trade In - Trade Up™ Program.

The project began in 2002 at the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT), with a traffic monitoring system during street construction.  Later, the Charlotte police department joined the network and created a police observation center.  In 2005, Charlotte Homeland Security came aboard, necessitating a larger router.  A Sequoia Router, with a capacity of 256 inputs and 256 outputs, was installed by Clark-Powell, a local professional audio/video installer.

By 2007, the network had grown to require more outputs on the router for nearly 150 more cameras.  That’s when the Sequoia router was upgraded to a 512 x 384 unit which became the backbone of the system.  “When we started that first traffic project, we never envisioned it would go so far, but it worked so well and it made sense for all of the departments to join the network,” said Art Stegall, ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) Program Coordinator for CDOT.  “We began installing cameras at such a high rate that we needed to expand, and Sierra Video Systems gave us an easy way to do that.”

Working with the technical team at Sierra Video Systems, Clark-Powell upgraded the system to the 512 inputs by 384 outputs.  The exclusive Sierra Video Systems Trade In - Trade Up Program allows a system credit based on the age and price of the original Sierra Video system.  The program was designed to insure that customers could grow with their product investments.

“The empty racks were already in the control room waiting to be populated.  We sent the frames to Sierra Video Systems, and they also were on-site to help with the installation,” said Bob Coswell, audio/video systems engineer for Clark-Powell. “The open architecture of the system is what allowed for the vertical growth. The new router will sustain them well into the future, as more agencies come on board with ways to use the network, and if they outgrow this the Sierra Video Systems Trade In – Trade Up program will continue to be available to them,” Coswell added.