Dental Lab Simulates Smiles with Kramer Electronics' Products

February 10-2012

Dental Lab Simulates Smiles with Kramer Electronics' Products
A national academic dental training lab features 96 stations complete with high definition monitors and 1080p digital imaging. The stations provide a hands−on learning environment where dental students can perform dental procedures on simulated heads by following the instructions on their individual screens.

The system begins with the instructor’s table at the front of the room. An array of electronic equipment, including a DVD player, digital cameras, document camera, and a computer are all linked to a video processor with a touch−screen monitor. The instructor selects the video source, and the signal is fed to 12 student pods through a Kramer VM−16H 1x16 HDMI distribution amplifier. The distribution amplifier re−clocks and equalizes the signal and distributes it to 16 identical outputs, which are located at each of 12 eight−desk student pods. Each pod has eight individual 1080P monitors with video distributed by a Kramer VM−8H 1x8 HDMI distribution amplifiers. The students view the instructors’ model and proceed with the dental simulation.

In its switch from analog to digital, the lab replaced analog VGA monitors with 20−inch digital monitors. According to the dental lab installer, getting 1080P HD video to 96 monitors in a room was going to be a huge challenge. They accomplished this with Kramer Electronics PT−571 and PT−572+ DGKat™ HDMI over twisted pair transmitters and receivers utilizing Kramer DGKat cables at each of the 12 pods.
Dental students will be well prepared to improve people’s smiles thanks to the state−of−the−art dental simulation lab connected by Kramer Electronics products.