Kramer Electronics Announces Open Protocol for its Control System Products

March 15-2011

Kramer Electronics Announces Open Protocol for its Control System Products
Kramer Electronics announces the release of K-Config version 1.0.1.X, the latest version of its control products configuration application.

The new K-Config version adds major new features to existing Kramer control products, like an option to easily configure several push button based control devices to work in tandem in the same room; enabling room control from multiple places in the room.

The most significant and innovative aspect of the new version is the ability to easily integrate common touch panel devices running any operating system (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc.) with Kramer control boxes.

"We have made a strategic decision to open up the relevant parts of our control products protocol and document them for external developers" says Ezra Ozer, Vice President of Marketing at Kramer Electronics, Ltd. "The relevant documentation is already publicly available on our Web site.  This will allow any knowledgeable developer to write room control applications for any user interface device which will support bidirectional communication with our line of SL room controllers and SummitView™ Switchers / Brainboxes.”

"We believe this Open System approach is what our installers are looking for,” continues Ozer, "Since regardless of the chosen OS or device - it gives them huge flexibility when it comes to the look-and-feel of the user interface application. The open source philosophy is what developers in the 21st century are looking for and we are certain they will find it with our growing line of control products and software.”