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Government and Defence

Making the right desicions

For over 40 years, Kramer has been powering the audio-visual experiences of government agencies and defense departments. Our cutting-edge technology is underpinned by the strongest engineering stack in the industry. We value security, privacy, quality, and reliability – helping ensure that today’s decision makers are able to confidently monitor, manage, and control their AV assets.


Kramer’s Government & Defense AV solutions prioritize simplicity for optimal performance. Our solutions make planning, deployment, and management easy and seamless, ensuring that AV workflow is not interrupted, and content flow is clear and crisp running 24/7/365


Tried and tested products instill a very high-level of user confidence. With 40 years of market leadership, combined with market-leading warranties and award-winning Technical Support, you can rest assured knowing that every Kramer Government & Defense solution will yield success in your mission deployments.


Supply chain can support and drive a project or destroy it. Kramer maintains an ample supply of products across the globe through our strong partnerships, making sure that you get what you need when you need it.