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5 BNC RGBHV Mini Coax Cable

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  • 5 BNC RGBHV Mini Coax Cable
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Kramer’s C−5BM/5BM is constructed of 5 mini coax cables in a single jacket with 75Ω BNC connectors at each end. It offers outstanding quality, durability, and high performance for any RGBHV video signal application.

  • Quality Construction — Constructed from flexible, high quality 5 mini coax cable.
  • Applications — Ideal for routing typical computer graphics video RGBHV signals to display devices such as projectors and monitors.
  • Easy Installation — Breakout length is 18in (0.5m) on any cables 6ft (1.8m) or longer. Shorter cables have approx. 7in (0.18m) breakout length.
  • Varied Selection of Lengths — Available in versions of 3 to 100ft (0.9 to 30.5m).
  • Cable Specs — For detailed cable specs, see Kramer BC–5X.


Male - Male

Model Description Length Resolution
C–5BM/5BM–3 5 BNC (M) to 5 BNC (M) Cable 0.90m (3ft)
C–5BM/5BM–10 5 BNC (M) to 5 BNC (M) Cable 3.00m (10ft)
C–5BM/5BM–15 5 BNC (M) to 5 BNC (M) Cable 4.60m (15ft)
C–5BM/5BM–25 5 BNC (M) to 5 BNC (M) Cable 7.60m (25ft)
C–5BM/5BM–50 5 BNC (M) to 5 BNC (M) Cable 15.20m (50ft)
C–5BM/5BM–75 5 BNC (M) to 5 BNC (M) Cable 22.90m (75ft)
C–5BM/5BM–100 5 BNC (M) to 5 BNC (M) Cable 30.50m (100ft)