HighSecLabs Secure Isolator 1–Port Video DP

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  • HighSecLabs Secure Isolator 1–Port Video DP
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FV11PH−M is a Secure 1−Port KVM Isolator DP/HDMI. HSL’s secure, NIAP certified isolators ensure that computer video and USB data flow in a unidirectional and filtered manner, thus preventing shared peripheral−threats from compromising network security.
FV11PH−M ensures that only necessary data is transferred from source to destination.

  • Protect against leakage and malicious attacks through USB, keyboard, mouse, video and audio peripherals.
  • Prevent Compromised Peripherals from Infecting Computers — Isolate computers in meeting/control rooms from vulnerable peripherals that are shared between multiple computers.
  • Avoid continuous transfer of potentially malicious EDID data from the display to the PC, using the one–time Capture button.
  • Help Secure Matrix Environments — Protect classified computers in matrix–environments from shared–peripheral–threats originating from guest laptops or internet–access computers that connect to the same matrix. Securely join a low–security source to a matrix by connecting it through an isolator which assures that the matrix security is not compromised.
  • Work Freely Without Compromising Security — Display and control classified and non–classified computers without compromising security.
  • Protect Against Unauthorized Peripheral Device Threats — Threats imposed by peripheral devices that should not be connected to a specific peripheral port (e.g. a USB mass storage device mistakenly connected to the keyboard port).
  • Protect Against Authorized but Untrusted Peripheral Device Threats — Threats imposed by legitimate and authorized peripheral devices (such as a standard computer display) that may be vulnerable to malicious attacks and cause data leakage when shared between sources.
  • Small Form Factor — Weighing as little as 0.6 lbs. and with a width of 5.8 Inches, it occupies minimum desktop space.
  • Low Cost — Attractively priced and yet not compromising high quality and security.


  • Military
  • Command and Control
  • Finance
  • Government Offices




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Cable Inputs Outputs Audio Features
C-DPM/DPM DisplayPort Cable 1 - DP 1 - DP E Lengths − 0.9−15.2m (3−50ft)


Cable Inputs Outputs Audio Features
C-USB/AA USB 2.0 A (M) to A (M) Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-A Lengths − 3−15ft
C-USB/AAE USB 2.0 A (M) to A (F) Extension Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-A (F) Lengths − 1−15ft
C-USB/AB USB 2.0 A (M) to B (M) Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-B Lengths − 3−15ft
C-USB3/MicroB USB 3.0 A (M) to Micro–B (M) Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-Micro Lengths − 3 & 6ft
C-USB/Mini5 USB 2.0 A (M) to Mini–B 4–pin (M) Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-Mini Lengths − 3−15ft