VIA Digital Signage

Dynamic Content Display Feature for VIA Devices

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VIA Digital Signage
  • Dynamic Content Display Feature for VIA Devices
VIA Digital Signage
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VIA Digital Signage is software that enables you to use any VIA device to display dynamic content and information on the main display when there is no meeting in progress. Use a predefined template or create your own display configuration with up to three frames of content that appear simultaneously. Schedule campaigns (content configurations) to run automatically at specific dates and times.
NOTE: All VIA devices purchased after June 1, 2019 include the Digital Signage feature. If your device was purchased before that date, the feature can be purchased separately.

  • Customized Content — Design up to three frames of dynamic or static content, including web urls, scrolling text, media files and RSS feeds.
  • Automatic Scheduling — Create different content configurations and schedule each for a different time or date.
  • Convenient, User–Friendly Setup — Easily configure and schedule your digital signage campaigns from your VIA device embedded web pages.