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USB 2.0 Type–C Cable

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  • USB 2.0 Type–C Cable
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Kramer's C−USB/C cables connect USB−C enabled devices with standard USB−A, B and Micro B devices (laptops, hard drives, legacy printers, hubs, smartphones, tablets and cameras). C−USB/C cables offer a whole new level of connectivity to devices using the new USB Type−C connector.
The symmetrical, low profile USB Type−C connector can be plugged in any direction, eliminating the frustration of getting the port insertion just right.

  • Quality Construction — High–quality shielded twisted pair (STP) construction, helps to prevent electromagnetic interference and ensures reliable data communication.
  • Reversible USB Type–C Connector.
  • Max. Data Rate — 480Mbps.
  • Current Rating — 3A and 5A.
  • PC, Mac & Mobile Compatible.
  • Plug and Play — For printers, scanners, keyboards and other digital devices .
  • Backward Compatibility — USB specifications 1.0 and 1.1.
  • Molded Strain Relief — On the USB A, B & Micro B ends.
  • RoHS Compliant.


Model Description Length Resolution
C–USB/CC–6 USB 2.0 USB–C(M) to USB–C(M) 1.80m (6ft)
C–USB/CC–10 USB 2.0 USB–C(M) to USB–C(M) 3.00m (10ft)
C–USB/CB–6 USB 2.0 USB–C(M) to USB–B(M) 1.80m (6ft)
C–USB/CB–10 USB 2.0 USB–C(M) to USB–B(M) 3.00m (10ft)
C–USB/CA–6 USB 2.0 USB–C(M) to USB–A(M) 1.80m (6ft)
C–USB/CA–10 USB 2.0 USB–C(M) to USB–A(M) 3.00m (10ft)
C–USB/CMicroB–3 USB 2.0 USB–C(M) to USB Micro–B(M) 0.90m (3ft)
C–USB/CMicroB–6 USB 2.0 USB–C(M) to USB Micro–B(M) 1.80m (6ft)