Remote Control Console with T–Bar for VP–772

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  • Remote Control Console with T–Bar for VP–772
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VP−772T is a dedicated remote control console for the VP−772 dual scaler seamless switcher. It is designed for use at live production events that require remote operation of the seamless switcher from a T−bar for precise switching and transition control.

  • All VP–772 Functions Replicated — All the front panel controls of the VP–772 Seamless Switcher are replicated on the VP–772T.
  • Convenient Switching Control — Via the rugged T–bar or a Take button, with selectable transition speed control.
  • Menu Button — Control the VP–772 via an on–screen display on the preview output.
  • Wipe Direction Control — Via front panel buttons.
  • Control Multiple Units — Up to 4 VP–772 Seamless Switchers can be controlled from one VP–772T.
  • 2 Gooseneck Lamps — For low light environments.
  • Control Options — 4 RS–485 ports to control up to 4 VP–772 units, and 1 RS–232 port for controlling the console.
  • Ethernet Port — For configuration and firmware upgrade.
  • Power Supply — 12V DC.
  • Angled Faceplate — Enables free–standing use on a table.


  • Presentation applications that require controlling multiple scalers and that have a preview display.
  • Live events, churches, auditoriums, and hotels.


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Cable Inputs Outputs Audio Features
BC-1T Mono Audio/Control Bulk Cable Bare End Bare End U Length − 300m (984ft)


Cable Inputs Outputs Audio Features
BC-1T Mono Audio/Control Bulk Cable Bare End Bare End U Length − 300m (984ft)


Cable Inputs Outputs Audio Features
BC-UNIKAT CAT6A U/FTP Video & LAN Bulk Cable − Low Smoke & Halogen Free DGKat HDBT Ethernet DGKat HDBT Ethernet N/A Lengths − 100/305/500m (328/1000/1640ft) Low Smoke & Halogen Free
C-UNIKAT CAT6A U/FTP Video & LAN Cable Assembly HDBT DGKat Ethernet HDBT DGKat Ethernet N/A Lengths − 0.6 to 100m (2 to 328ft) Low Smoke & Halogen Free