Dulce et deckorum est, to install Kramer products in the home.

 Dulce et deckorum est, to install Kramer products in the home.

The brief deckorum’s client wanted to refurbish completely a regency property in London. As part of this refurbishment a home automation, lighting and entertainment network was required. This was to include a security system, sophisticated telephone network with whole-house intercom and a wireless LAN.

Control was a key requirement of the system. As the property spread over five floors, it was essential that the technology was controllable from any room in the house. In order for children and guests to get along with the system ease of use was also high on the priorities list. The solution To give the level of control required a Crestron touch panel system was installed throughout the house. Lutron lighting was provided to give ‘scene’ and security lighting controls as well as whole house on/off buttons, useful on the upper floors. Plasma screens allow the display of photographic artwork as well as video images around the home. A basement room was designated as a dedicated home cinema with an automated electric screen and DLP projector. Ceiling speakers were installed in almost all areas of the home for general audio.

Three different CDs and two different radio stations can be heard in any room at any time as well as Sky+, DVD etc. Floor standing speakers from B&W and Linn in the Family room gave a fuller sound for parties and leisure time. Weatherproof speakers were hidden in the garden wall for outdoor listening. In order to achieve high quality video images on the plasma screens, YC signals were used. 2 Kramer VS-88V units were linked together to perform as an 8x8 YC matrix and route the different video sources to the screens. With more audio sources and zones than video it was necessary to select a larger audio matrix, and so a Kramer VS-1616A was chosen. The 16 inputs and outputs gave ample flexibility. Finally, in order to achieve volume control for the diferent zones, and to avoid deafening listeners when switching between sources with different output levels, a Kramer VA-16xl volume control unit was installed. This unit provides gain and attenuation for all the 16 outputs from the matrix. When a new source is selected from the matrix, a command is sent to the VA-16xl simultaneously to reset itself to -30dB. Listeners can then adjust the volume up or down to suit from the control panel.

Justin Orton says, "Deckorum chose the various Kramer units because of their unique combination of: broadcast heritage (meaning quality and reliability), functionality, and cost effectiveness." Some highlighted features of the installation include; (room by room) Jacuzzi and Gym Where a Crestron colour touch panel mounted in the wall allows control of audio, video and lighting in the Jacuzzi, hallway, gym and garden Dining room Which boasts a wall mounted Plasma screen, showing Sky(+), DVD and CCTV and has a dining table which will seat 12 people, with a removable top so it can also be used as a full size snooker table Piano room Where the Steinway piano was fitted with a pickup system from the USA. Connected into the multiroom system, a pianist can be heard via the ceiling speakers through the house or the piano can be left to play itself during a party!

Kitchen Where an icebox was installed under a cupboard, which allows a CD or DVD to be played locally (and via the ceiling speakers), TV to be viewed on the flip-down screen and Internet surfing and Emailing to take place all whilst cooking Garden Where four Bose all weather speakers were installed for audio while barbequing or partying, with scene lighting that can be controlled from neighbouring rooms and a large fountain that can be operated from the Kitchen or Gym Cinema Which features a 7ft electric automated screen which descends from the ceiling when in use. An Infocus DLP projector mounted on the ceiling and A THX certified combination of Liberty THX cable, Rotel processor and amplifier and M&K THX speakers for a heart-thumping surround sound Bar area Which boast a wall mounted Plasma screen for viewing Sky(+), DVD and CCT, a combination of floor standing and in-ceiling speakers and anLCD flat panel screen which ‘follows’ the cinema for uninterrupted viewing while attending to refreshments. For more information on this installation look out for the press, visit Deckorum or contact Simon Callis