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USB-C Background

USB-C family of cables

Extended portfolio of enhanced USB-C products

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Do more and deliver more over USB-C

The Kramer CONNECT USB-C family comprises an extensive range of unique USB-C cables that offer enhanced capabilities and performance. You can address the widest range of applications and use cases using a single solution for video, data, power, charging and Ethernet, with full confidence in the connectivity quality and reliability.

Full access to the rich USB-C feature set

Make the most of USB-C connectivity, with an extended family of cables that fully covers all USB-C features and capabilities. With the Kramer CONNECT USB-C portfolio, you can address the widest range of use cases, setups, and devices. Choose from an extensive, versatile, and standards-compliant USB-C connectivity portfolio to fit your needs, budget, and existing infrastructure.
All USB-C features at all distances
All USB-C features are available at short, medium, and long distances. These include transmission of 4K60 video and 10 Gbps data, charging at up to 60W, Ethernet over USB-C, and parallel USB 2.0. The Kramer CONNECT USB-C family includes passive, active and AOC (hybrid) cables up to 50m long, dependent on cable type.

The capabilities you need, where you need them
Whatever you want to connect, extend or adapt, Kramer CONNECT USB-C cables have got you covered. Features are available in a versatile array of subsets so that you pay for only what you need. Flexible toolsets enable you to connect any setup and blend of devices, at any distance, bringing USB-C connectivity to wherever it is needed. 

Full interconnectivity and compatibility
With Kramer CONNECT USB-C, everything fits together with ease. Our USB-C cables offer vendor-agnostic connectivity and are compliant with global connectivity ecosystem standards, such as USB-IF, Google, and Jabra. They bridge technology generations, enabling legacy and new products in the same network and full BYOD flexibility.
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Connect with confidence

Advance to reliable and resilient USB-C performance that keeps people connected, for smooth communication and collaboration, even in harsh environments. Advanced features like Kramer K-Lock, robust design and construction, high-quality materials and comprehensive testing come together to provide you with full peace of mind from day one and long into the future.
Locked-in USB-C connectivity
The unique Kramer K-Lock keeps all Kramer CONNECT USB-C cables firmly connected. It minimizes the effects of prolonged tensile forces on connected cables and resists 4X pulling force, preventing accidental disconnection.

Total reliability, out of the box
Kramer CONNECT USB-C products simply work, every time. All manufacturing plants and processes comply with the highest quality standards, and every production lot is tested for end-to-end connectivity. All AOC products are tested using a unique process that ensures any instances of poor light power intensity are identified and remedied. With delivery of 100% properly functioning products and an extended meantime between failures (MTBF), you can truly connect and forget.

Smooth signal transfer
The shielded structure of Kramer CONNECT USB-C products isolates internal and external signals, making our solutions ideal for EMI-sensitive environments and applications. The extensive shielding ensures signals stay interference-free and stable, even over long distances.

Top-quality materials inside and out
Long-lasting reliability is built into every Kramer CONNECT USB-C product. High-quality copper in cables ensures low signal attenuation, and nickel-plating on connectors provides high resistance to corrosion. All cable jacket materials provide long-term durability and comply with the strictest flammability and gas emissions standards.
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One cable that rules them all

Reduce costs, clutter, and complexity with one cable that does it all. Fully compliant and leveraging all the benefits of the USB-C standard, Kramer CONNECT USB-C cables offer a simplified experience across installation, setup, day-to-day use, and maintenance.
Clean and tidy tabletop
With a single cable for all connectivity, users can quickly start meetings, without hassle. The infrastructure stays hidden and separate, keeping the tabletop uncluttered.

Reduced setup costs
Covering every viable USB-C connectivity scenario and use case, Kramer CONNECT USB-C solutions make installations simpler and easier. They enable a smaller bill of materials (BOM) and simplified maintenance and problem mitigation.

Connectivity for varied applications and appliances
Kramer CONNET USB-C provides a single answer for most audio-visual use cases. Having just one carrier for multiple signals simplifies end user connectivity while maximizing the range of supported applications.
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Simplified experience across every aspect of connectivity

Kramer’s USB-C cables offer an extensive choice in features and distances, and they work with any devices and connectivity products, empowering you to bring USB-C connectivity to anywhere it’s needed.
With Kramer CONNECT USB-C, everyone can enjoy a simplified experience across every aspect of connectivity, from installation and setup, through day-to-day use, to ongoing maintenance.

Kramer USB-C

Maximize the value of the USB-C

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