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Kramer Services

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Tailored services that support you through every stage

Put the unmatched knowledge and expertise of Kramer engineers to work for you. Enjoy faster, smoother and more successful installations, support and maintenance, and access new value-added services you can offer to your customers.

Our knowledge and experience. Your advantage and peace of mind.

No one knows AV like Kramer. Our Customer Services leverage unparalleled knowledge built across more than 40 years in the industry, bringing you best-in-class knowledge of the audio-visual ecosystem, Kramer solutions, and proven methods to optimize
the success of every installation and project.

With our vast experience in planning, implementing, and supporting projects across every market segment, there is practically no challenge you might face that we haven’t already solved. Even with the most complex projects and issues, we can offer the fastest route to an assured solution, saving you time, cost and hassle. Kramer’s expert engineers are located in dozens of countries, available to help you as needed. With Kramer Customers Services, you can build your business with peace of mind, knowing that we are ready to support you with the right expertise, when and where you need it.

40+ Years of Experience

Kramer Customer Services are built
on more than 40 years of experience
in delivering audio-visual projects to education, enterprise, government
and defense organizations,
and others around the world.

Broad service portfolio

Tailored services that support you through every stage, from design to installation, programming, configuration, commissioning, and troubleshooting, to extended warranties and professional training

Dedicated to Excellence

We are committed to your success
and knowledge sharing, empowering
your team with the skills they need for successful customer journeys going forward.


Kramer Services

We work side by side with your technicians, increasing your bandwidth and know-how, and assist with onboarding new hires, enabling you to quickly scale up your business and capabilities

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