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The opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of the classroom, lab or lecture hall

Endless opportunities to teach and learn

Taking education beyond the class, lab or lecture hall, we enable everyone to present, share and engage no matter where they are. In every type of education space, our end-to-end solutions facilitate all imaginable types of learning experiences.

Simplicity that works for everyone

Kramer solutions are all about education, not about technology. From planning and deployment to everyday teaching and learning, all the way to controlling and managing all classrooms, anyone can work with Kramer Education solutions, with ease. Teachers can simply teach, and students can simply learn. IT managers can simply stay on top of classrooms, any time, from anywhere.

Peace of mind in the class, and beyond

Deploying and managing classrooms is made easy and efficient. Designed by Kramer’s education experts and providing outstanding reliability backed by market-leading warranties and award-winning support, peace of mind is built-in to every Kramer solution.

Meeting your evolving needs

Our solutions are built with robust security to protect the network, in-room equipment and all content shared during lessons. They are flexible, easily scalable and future-proofed. With Kramer, today’s perfect-fit solution can be adapted as your requirements change, protecting your investment for the long term.