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Auditoriums and Lecture halls

Auditoriums and lecture halls, long a mainstay of education institutions everywhere, got a refresh when hybrid technologies were introduced.

Extend the lecture experience beyond the physical space

Today, adding remote participants to lecture halls is a must. But providing a natural hybrid experience for participants while enabling lecturers to continue with their preferred ways of teaching habits is far from simple. The requirements may vary depending on the design, architecture and focus of the campus, but all demand easy connectivity, top-quality audio and video that can be clearly heard and seen by everyone, and easy content sharing.

At Kramer, we offer a wide range of flexible solutions for lecture halls and auditoriums, tailormade to meet specific needs. Our platform-agnostic, open architecture approach enables continued utilization of legacy devices, while providing a coherent, professional solution. With wide-view video, best-in-class audio, easy connectivity from any device, and simple content sharing by everyone, we help extend the lecture experience beyond the physical space.