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Neoma Business School chooses Kramer’s VIA and Kramer Control


NEOMA Business School wants to position itself as an innovative challenger to the world’s leading business schools. The school is divided into three campuses in Reims, Rouen, and Paris. It currently offers over 9,000 students an extensive portfolio of programs ranging from marketing and communications to accounting, finance, and management.


For several years, one of the keys to NEOMA Business School’s development has been the Experiential Education Project (ExE Project). To carry out this project, there is a need for educational tools to allow both theoretical and practical learning approaches in the same place.

The Solution

In 2019, the school installed two augmented learning rooms, one on the Reims campus and the other in Rouen. The audio-visual equipment is organized around Kramer’s VIA wireless gateways and Kramer Control interfaces.

In each room, a wireless-based exchange and display system has been set up on nine workstations that can accommodate six students each, with a room broadcasting solution on four central screens, all controlled by two touch screens.

The different workstations are equipped with the VIA GO solution and RC-306 keypads. Two VIA Connect Pro units are used for broadcasting in the room without the workstations.
The SL-240C controller and two KT-107 touch panels allow the Kramer Control solution to manage the room. A central rack accommodates a VS-1616 matrix switcher, which manages the HDBaseT distribution of video streams, as well as all the VIAs and the IP network part. And the software application VIA Site Management is used to manage all the VIAs on both sites.


The two classrooms are a great success, with the professors competing to book a slot in the calendar to use them. Realizing the innovative possibilities and pedagogical opportunities offered by the AV-equipped classrooms, many professors have also revised the format of their lessons accordingly, enhancing the pleasure of learning and the overall quality of the learning experience.

Excerpted from an article by Pierre-Antoine Taufour published in Sonovision (with the author’s permission) https://sonovision.com/neoma-business-school-choisit-les-passerelles-via-de-kramer/



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