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Series 3 Background
Audio-Visual Signal Management

Kramer Series 3 portfolio

Comprehensive portfolio of fully interoperable audio-visual signal management products

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High-quality uncompressed 4K60 4:4:4 video

Experience unprecedented simplicity, flexibility, and scalability in integrating complete, high-performance AV solutions for any space, any application. Launching Kramer’s new series-based approach, Series 3 is a comprehensive portfolio of advanced audio-visual signal management products supporting end-to-end 4K60 video.

High-performance AV, end to end

Deliver a premium audio-visual experience, with the highest-quality uncompressed 4K60 4:4:4 video, switching at faster than 1 second, single-cable comprehensive extension, and advanced USB-C connectivity. The Series 3 portfolio supports the most advanced collaboration devices and demanding use cases, providing a complete solution for high-performance AV signal processing wherever it’s needed.
Highest 4K60 resolution
With embedded support for distribution of uncompressed 4K60 4:4:4 video and HDR, Series 3 products deliver the sharpest, most detailed images, with outstanding vivid color and high contrast, even on large video walls. Series 3 supports 10 Gbps connectivity to local USB devices, providing end users with a premium video and audio experience during hybrid sessions.

Fast switching
Advancing on earlier products, Series 3 products provide fast switching (<1sec), supporting the most-demanding mission-critical applications. Selected products support seamless switching.

Comprehensive extension with a single cable
High-performance extension via a single cable simplifies installation of remote units. Just one CAT6A cable can handle extension of uncompressed 4K60 4:4:4 video, USB connectivity for cameras and other devices, high-speed Ethernet up to 1Gbps, remote device powering, and remote management and control of devices such as displays, microphones, and cameras.

4K-grade image quality from remote devices
Series 3 products enable sharper images at 4K-grade quality over longer distances, supporting the latest advances in collaboration devices. Connection over HDBaseT triples the USB video delivery speed from remote USB devices.

Advanced, universal connectivity with USB-C
USB-C ports are built into Series 3 products, enabling end-users to plug in a single cable for charging, high-quality video and audio, internet connectivity, and connectivity to collaboration devices. USB-C connectivity reduces the number of cables and electricity points needed in a space, simplifying installations and reducing costs. An advanced, built-in USB-C dock connects all AV, USB, and LAN signals, enabling automated simultaneous switching of audio, video, and USB signals.
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A singular experience across all audio-visual distribution product lines

Integrate AV solutions with total ease and peace of mind. Kramer’s new series-based approach to audio-visual distribution makes it simpler than ever to design, configure and securely manage complete AV solutions. In line with this approach, Series 3 brings together multiple audio-visual distribution product lines, providing the building blocks for any deployment scenario.
Full interoperability across all product lines
Series 3 product lines are fully interoperable, enabling simple and assured solution integration as well as flexible and scalable deployment. Users enjoy a uniform experience across all products connecting varied video, audio, USB devices, and Ethernet signals.

Secured, unified management
All Series 3 products are managed and configured using tools that have the same look and feel and use the same methodology. All connections to the devices are secured and can be managed by authenticated users. Series 3 devices support major industry and IT security standards, including 802.1x, HTTPS, and OWASP.

Versatile deployment
The wide range of Series 3 products offers excellent flexibility to build the right solution for any space, no matter how small or large. From huddle rooms to the largest auditoriums, Series 3 products efficiently interconnect video, audio, and USB devices and Ethernet signals for the optimal audio-visual experience.   
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Total ease and peace of mind

Series 3 includes matrices, switchers, extenders, distribution amplifiers, and multiviewers that are all fully interoperable, controlled, and managed together. It provides a singular experience across all products interconnecting video, audio, and Ethernet signals, as well as USB, from origin to destination.

Kramer Series 3

Experience unprecedented simplicity, flexibility, and scalability

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