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November 2, 2022

Kramer joins the GPA Global Partner Program

To deliver future-facing audio-visual technologies to customers worldwide

Kramer joins the GPA Global Partner Program

Tel Aviv, Israel – 26 October 2022 – Kramer the leading audio-visual experience company has formally joined GPA’s Partner Program as a strategic global vendor, strengthening their global position and offering to its enterprise customers.

As the largest systems integrator in the world with offices in 164 cities across 50 countries, GPA’s global partner program is strictly managed to ensure only the top global vendors who deliver worldwide standardization to customers are part of this elite program.

Kramer’s selection to partner program rested on its shared values with GPA. Both organisations are committed to helping end-users effortlessly connect, collaborate, and create, believing that audio-visual technology can amplify the human experience and help people reach their potential.

Global enterprise customers acknowledge they need a global AV/UC strategy with standardized solutions delivered using Global Program Management. With dedicated Global Program Managers under the guidance of a Director of Global Program Delivery, GPA has the expertise, tools and processes in place to deliver and support global programs.  Recognizing the importance and value behind this, Kramer will work with GPA teams to deliver solutions that meet customer needs in these times of supply chain uncertainty.

With a strong relationship with GPA business units locally in market, Kramer has been increasingly working with the GPA regional teams and global customers so it was critical that together the organizations align to better support customers and maintain a consistency with global delivery.

Kramer will participate in the GPA Global Summit in Toronto from the 1 – 3 November 2022. At the Summit, Kramer will be officially welcomed into the global community and will be meeting in person and showcasing their range to over 80 GPA staff. 

Byron Tarry. CEO of GPA said: “Our partner program is about not only aligning and optimizing to deliver upon our GPA global delivery consistency promise today, but also in finding partners that celebrate GPA’s core values like trust and passion as a foundation for building what might be tomorrow. With a clear and renewed vision of their path and position within the collaborative enterprise workplace of the future, and a firm belief in GPA’s capacity to partner with them in achieving that, we’re excited to welcome Kramer into the GPA Partner fold to travel that journey together.”

Gilad Yron, CEO of Kramer said: “Becoming a part of the GPA community is a huge honor for Kramer. Building on many of the existing relationships we hold, we are committed to working with the regional business units to bring innovative and advanced technology and solutions that power creativity, collaboration and engagement. We are confident that our open design, end-user focus and products, services and training that make us an all-round choice will bring advantages to customers and support the overall success of the group globally.”

About Kramer

Kramer audio-visual experiences power creativity, collaboration, and engagement. From AVSM to advanced cloud-based communication, collaboration and control solutions, Kramer creates audio-visual experiences that are more engaging, more inclusive and more connected than ever before. Headquartered in the heart of Startup Nation – Tel Aviv, Israel with locations around the world, Kramer’s audio-visual experts are designing the future of engagement technology. Physical and digital boundaries have blurred. But no matter how hybrid our world becomes, our desire for real, human connection will never cease. Kramer’s intuitive, seamless technology breaks down walls, bridges gaps, and makes people feel closer together even when they’re far apart. 


About GPA

GPA helps global enterprise organizations to think global, and act global, as they strive to create workplace that delivers an engaged workforce. Our goal is to inspire employees with collaboration tools and environments to share their knowledge and ideas, work together to perform at their best. With almost 4,000 specialized AV/UC staff in 150+ cities, we deliver simple, scalable, and standardized collaboration technology solutions and services, driving business velocity and ultimately competitive market advantage for our customers. Specialization in collaboration, a true global footprint, yet the localized operational infrastructure and cultural awareness critical to local stakeholder adoption and business impact.

To learn more about GPA, visit thinkgpa.com

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