In all our business activities, we always comply with local laws, rules, and regulations


Kramer Electronics Ltd. designs, manufactures and markets electronic equipment for AV professional markets. In order
to meet social responsibilities and to achieve success in the marketplace, Kramer Electronics Ltd. upholds the highest
standards business management system based on the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA, formerly EICC®) Code of Conduct established standards including:


Kramer Electronics Ltd. is committed to uphold the human rights of workers, and to treat them with dignity and respect as understood by the international community.

Kramer Electronics Ltd. is obligated to comply with local laws and trade agreements in every territory it conducts its

Kramer Electronics Ltd. shall adhere to the US Federal Acquisition Regulations on Combat Trafficking in Persons. If a portion of Kramer Electronics’ contract issued under a US Federal government contract and is for items acquired outside the U.S. with a value in excess of $500,000 (exclusive of the value of commercially available off-the-shelf items) or for services to be performed outside the U.S., these regulations will require certifications, both pre-award and annually.

Health and Safety

Kramer Electronics Ltd. management system was certified to comply with ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health standard. It is audited annually by a third party for continual compliance.


Kramer Electronics Ltd. management system was certified to comply with ISO 14001 Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use. It is audited annually by a third party for continual compliance. In addition Kramer Electronics Ltd. complies with local pollution laws and materials restrictions use such as RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals, etc. as required in the territory it conducts its business.


Business Integrity – The highest standards of integrity are to be upheld in all business interactions. Kramer Electronics Ltd. has a zero tolerance policy to prohibit any and all forms of bribery, corruption, extortion and embezzlement (covering promising, offering, giving or accepting any bribes). All business dealings are accurately reflected as required by applicable laws, regulations and accounting rules on Kramer Electronics Ltd.’s business book and records. Monitoring and enforcement procedures are implemented to ensure compliance with anti-corruption laws.

No Improper Advantage – Bribes or other means of obtaining undue or improper advantage are not offered or accepted.

Disclosure of Information – Information about our Company’s business activities, structure, financial situation and
performance is disclosed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Falsification of records or misrepresentations of conditions or practices in the supply chain are unacceptable.

Intellectual Property – Intellectual property rights are respected. Transfer of technology and know-how is done in a
manner that protects intellectual property rights in accordance with agreements of the parties.

Fair Business, Advertising and Competition – Applicable standards of fair business, advertising and competition are upheld.

Privacy – We are committed to complying with applicable privacy and information security laws and regulations when
personal information is collected, stored, processed, transmitted, and shared, including with regard to the personal
information of suppliers, customers, consumers and employees with whom we do business.

Non-Retaliation – Kramer Electronics Ltd has a communicated process for their personnel to be able to raise any concerns without fear of retaliation.

Management System

Kramer Electronics Ltd. management system was certified to comply with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems –
Requirements, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems – Requirements with guidance for use, and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – Requirements. It is audited annually by a third party for continual compliance.