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Regional government boosts municipalities’ management capabilities with Kramer’s urban CCC solution

“With the Kramer solution, we’re able to monitor the ongoing municipal department project activities across all their respective locations.”


Regional government, Asia




  • Enable easy monitoring of public spaces and infrastructure in 111 municipalities
  • Cover densely populated areas including residential centers, markets, transport hubs
  • Improve urban services


  • Better management, prevention and response to traffic issues
  • More effective investigation of accidents and other types of damages
  • Improved water, sanitation, drainage and more

Project Scope

  • Implement command and control centers in 111 municipalities
  • 160,000 km2 coverage area
  • Large video wall required in each location for real-time viewing and monitoring of CCTV feeds
  • Flexible and scalable architecture to integrate with existing and future infrastructure


  • VIA Go wireless collaboration
  • Kramer Network AVoIP management solution
  • HDMI Matrix Switcher with Audio Embedding/De-embedding (VS-88UHDA)
  • Compact Master/Room Controller with PoE (SL-240C)
  • 6.5-Inch, On-Wall 2-Way Powered Speakers (Tavor 6-O)
  • Cable technologies


The client, a regional government in Asia, needed an urban command and control center (CCC) solution to serve 111 municipalities under its administration.


The regional government wanted to be able to monitor key municipal activities and areas, including residential centers and crowded public spaces like markets and transportation hubs, for each of its 111 municipalities, across a region spanning over 160,000 km2 (61,776 mi2).

The goal was to use technology to better manage each municipalities’ services and operations. Areas to be addressed included improved management, prevention and response to traffic issues (like congestion and road rage), more effective investigation of accidents and other instances of damages, plus better water, sanitation, and drainage controls.

The regional government sought a complete solution with flexible and scalable architecture to integrate with existing and future networks and technology.

The Solution

Kramer equipped all 111 municipalities with a complete CCC solution comprising advanced wireless VIA GO collaboration technology, a wired video wall switcher (VS-88UHDA), a compact master/room controller with PoE (SL-240C), two-way speakers (Tavor 6-O), and cable technologies.

Installation was simple, and the solution easy-to-operate, with the distinct advantage of allowing each center to continue using existing infrastructure for various scenarios such as presentations, video conferences and remote monitoring.


Each command and control center has a large video wall for real-time viewing and monitoring of CCTV feeds.

VIA GO enables all municipalities to share their welcome messages, achievements and other content as digital signage, displayed on the VS-88UHDA-supported video wall or a 2×2 video wall.

Using the Kramer Control interface, users can easily switch between hardware and software video conferences with a single click. The SL-240C’s four RS-232 bidirectional control ports control the video walls and displays in each CCC room. And the Tavor 6-O speakers provide crystal-clear audio for local presentations and video conference calls.

The customer says they are pleased with the whole solution. They are particularly impressed with the ease-of-use and with how quickly the state-of-the-art CCCs are helping municipalities meet the regional government’s objectives.

The regional government can now efficiently monitor the ongoing municipal department project activities across their respective locations, allowing for improved coordination, and ultimately, enhanced services.

“The video wall system in the CCC was pivotal, and the latest technology was the need-of-the-hour,” noted the customer. “With this command and control management center, there is less traffic congestion and better development is expected.”


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